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About Web-Workz And The Internet:

In the 90's I started my own metal fabrication business
and it was not very long before i wanted to sell my own
products, but I had no shop window or a way to sell.

Having your own website was very much the word in the
mid 2000's. I decided that this was the way to go!
After several quotes from local web designers it was
obviously far too expensive for my business at the time.

Already having an interest in anything electro mechanical
I delved into computers and bought a book on web design.
'The HTML Classroom' which I found quite complicated at
first, bit by bit getting words and images to appear on the
screen seemed magic, but in the mean time my fabrication
business sadly went to the wall in the recession 2005.

Now with no business I continued to hone my web building
skills, learning new code languages and new programs like
Dreamweaver Photoshop and Flash which all work well with each other to produce more precise web site page designs.

A forced career change had turned into a new business!
In 2006 I gained my first client whom I still serve today.
Web-Workz celebrates ten years of web design & service.

Captain Al At The Controls:

Alan at Web-Workz
At Your Service:

The HTML Web Classroom

'The HTML Web Classroom' 1998

Alan at Web-Workz

Web-Workz And Todays Mission:

My mission is giving clients what they want!
And supplying it at most reasonable rates.

Help for small businesses or groups with a limited budget, also for business start ups.
By spreading the costs over several years.

Guidance and advice for those who need a website but are unsure how to go about it. Filling in the gaps and adding to your plan.

Production of graphics and logos (branding)
for websites and directly printable stationary.

Existing clients enjoy direct contact with
almost immediate response or up-dates.

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Bringing You straight forward uncomplicated inexpensive website design and associated services.
I advise you to check what others are offering before committing to a more expensive alternative.

" Thank You for viewing Web-Workz ". With Regards Alan...

The Web-Workz Toolbox = Dreamweaver - Photoshop - Animate CC - InDesign

Producing = HTML5 - PHP - CSS3 - Javascript - Ajax - Actionscript - Animations - Visual Content
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Supporting Your Business With:-

  • Flexible fees and terms to suite your overall budget
  • Extensive designs that grow with your requirements
  • Direct 1-2-1 contact and free consultations on request
  • Supplying your business needs on-line and off-line
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