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Creating Visual Content:

A picture paints a thousand words!

Throughout the last decade Web-Workz has created
several thousand graphical images for our clients.
Created mainly for use on the many websites we've built.

creating graphics and images

Using Adobe Flash to create basic vector graphic shapes
which are placed on different layers to produce a more complicated and highly detailed graphic images.
Photoshop is used for photo enhancements, alterations,
image extraction, manipulation and superimposing.

Occasionally when a client has no logo or graphics we work
with them to produce a company image logo which they
can adopt as their own, for use online or as the office
stationary, as biz cards, compliment slips and letterheads.
What ever visual or print content you require, we create.

Graphic Imagination:

Creating Graphics On The Fly
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Creating Graphics on the fly

Working With Photographic Files:

photo extraction
No image is safe with Web-Workz about!
We create graphical resources for everyone.

photo collage

Animation - Frame By Frame Enjoyment:

The Mallard Locomotive Animation
    Adding motion brings a basic layered graphic to life.
    Here 14 stationary graphic layers placed on top of
    the 3 animated loco wheels also moving con-rods
    and the passing track giving a real sense of movement.
    2D Animations are made to order at the Web-Workz.

Getting The Best Graphics From Basic Image Files

Working with client files received via email or memory card, memory stick or on a disc.

photoshop image alterations
Here a poor quality digital snapshot photograph arrives on a client's memory card.
Firstly the photo quality was enhanced by adding more contrast and raising the hue.
Next the company logo is superimposed on top before striping away the background.
Now seven image layers are brought together to produce this company's logo collage.

Web-Workz Working With Images To Produce Interesting Graphics

artwork at web-workz

The Web-Workz Toolbox = Dreamweaver - Photoshop - Animate CC - InDesign

Producing = HTML5 - PHP - CSS3 - Javascript - Ajax - Actionscript - Animations - Visual Content
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